Is Being a Lawyer a Dangerous Job?


There are many advantages to being a lawyer, including the opportunity to represent people in court. However, this career also has some disadvantages that are worth considering before deciding whether or not to pursue it.

Mental Health Issues — Depression and Suicide

A recent study found that more than one-fifth of all lawyers suffer from depression. This is more than four times the rate of the general population. It is common for lawyers to not talk about their mental health problems and many fear damaging their reputation or making someone angry, so it’s no surprise that a high percentage of lawyers don’t seek help for these issues.

A Competitive Environment — Work Hours

Today’s lawyers work longer and harder than ever before with 50-plus hours a week not uncommon. This can lead to serious stress and anxiety and a lack of worklife balance. In addition, legal practice has changed dramatically and lawyers now have to be proficient in a variety of technology platforms that can affect their business.

Market Trend — Commoditization

With the rise of a number of non-lawyer sources of legal services, including virtual law offices and self-help legal websites, traditional lawyers are losing their competitive edge. These services can provide the same level of service at a fraction of the price and are often faster and easier to obtain than traditional legal help.

Overwork and Burnout — Workaholics

A new lawyer working to establish a thriving solo practice or a new associate pressured into moving up the ladder in a large firm can quickly find themselves sacrificing their personal, family and spiritual needs for the success of their profession. This can result in a long list of consequences that include relationship problems, marital or child behavior problems and stress-related illness. Recommended this site truck accident attorneys .


  1. Clients Who Are Too Demanding — The Legal Profession isn’t exactly a friendly environment, and clients aren’t always grateful for the advice they receive from their lawyers. They may be demanding and argumentative, bringing stress and anxiety to the attorney who is trying to provide them with competent representation.

Moreover, some clients are so untrusting that they won’t pay their attorneys for the time they need. This can be extremely frustrating for a lawyer who is doing everything in his power to keep their costs low.

The Cost of Being a Lawyer

A typical law school education can leave students with debt in excess of six figures and a difficult path to financial freedom. This has sparked a lot of dissatisfaction among young lawyers who are finding themselves struggling to make ends meet and repay their debts.

As a result, a growing number of lawyers are choosing to practice law in smaller firms where they can be more selective about their work and the clients they accept. This can be an attractive option for some lawyers but it can be costly, particularly if a lawyer wants to start their own law practice.